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You did not become a professional coach or speaker to spend time taking care of the details – finding speaking engagements, planning your events, managing your marketing and sales, and the many other detailed tasks that take up so much of your valuable time. You became a professional coach or speaker because you have a message to share. We understand, and we can help.

Our tagline is “You change lives, we handle the details.” And that’s exactly what we do. At IBS, our team of professionals work with you to manage the details that keep you from doing what you are passionate about – speaking, educating, informing, sharing…changing lives.

To learn more about all the ways IBS can support you, please click on the link below that best describes the stage you are in with your speaking business.

You’ve been in business a few years and have had some success, and you want to continue building your client base, developing your brand, and gaining more visibility within your target market. You need help developing the solid business foundation with systems and processes that will allow you to build the business you envision.
Your business has been steady for several years, and you have a good following of clients, but you’re ready to move up to the next level. You would like to share your message with a larger audience and expand your reach, and you simply can’t do it alone. You need help identifying prospects, securing your events and managing your marketing and promotional materials to allow you to reach a greater audience.
You’ve worked hard and have enjoyed a very successful speaking business for many years now, and it’s time to elevate that business to the highest level in terms of notoriety and profitability. You could really use assistance with managing your product launches, creating videos and transcripts, affiliate marketing, and other activities that will elevate your business to the ultimate level of success!


To learn more about all the ways IBS can support you, please schedule a 30-minute complimentary call to get you on the right path to a thriving coaching business and giving you free time to enjoy life!